Our fees

We are 20% cheaper than larger competitors, because as a small business ourselves, we do not have to add VAT.

We have to charge a flat £10 per month (waived for weekly-paid employees) because there is some work that applies however big or small you are, but we don't charge start-up or year- end fees.

After this it is very simple - for every occasion that you pay an employee, we charge £3.25

So you can work it out for yourself;

• multiply monthly employees by £3.25 and add £10
10 employees is £40 a month

• or multiply weekly employees by £3.25 then by 52/12
10 employees is £130 a month.

• special discount for director-only companies

Optional postal service
For those who wish their pay slips to be posted to employees, an additional £1 per pay slips is payable

Please note. These rates will be changed by reference to the Consumer Prices Index every 5 years beginning in April 2019

The obvious way to save costs is to pay your employees monthly!